Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Tooth Kids Link Magazine Advertisement

Hi Everyone,
We will be in the next issue (Aug/Sept 2009) of Kids Link magazine with this advertisement. Kids Link magazine can be found as you walk out of the Kroger grocery stores. Please be sure to pick up a magazine and share with family and friends. Thanks for your support!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

September 2008 Candy Buffet Station_Mack Wedding

Sweet Tooth not only can create fun candy buffets for birthday parties, but also we can create a buffet table for wedding receptions for the guest favors.
This couple chose to treat their guest with Hot Tamales, Peppermints, M&Ms, Fruit Chews, Skittles, etc. This set up was for a guest count of 150 persons.

Scoops can say everything!

Wow! Look at the scoops that we found. We are so excited to have these scoops to use--"Make A Wish" & "Happy Birthday".

Photos to share

Here are more photos to share...

Photos to share

Sweet Tooth can create a variety of candy buffet station layouts that will cater to your themed event. The pictures shown are for a kid's or teenager's birthday party. "Milestone" birthday parties is another idea that we can create a candy buffet station focusing on the 'candies' that were popular during that decade year.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Tooth Packages

Sweet Tooth offers 4 fun and exciting candy bufffet station packages. All packages come with containers and scoops for the candy as well as a professional attendant to manage the buffet stations. The packages are priced reasonably and can be discussed during your appointment time.

Sweet Tooth offers the following packages:
  • Junior packages serves up to 25 guests and you receive up to 5 assorted candies/snacks
  • Small packages serves up to 50 guests and you receive up to 5 assorted candies/snacks
  • Medium packages serves up to 50 - 100 guests and you receive up to 7 assorted candies/snacks
  • Large packages serves up to 100 - 200 guests and you receive up to 10 assorted candies/snacks
  • Extra Large Package serves up to 200 - 300 guests and you receive up to 12 assorted candies/snacks

If you do not want the sugar overload at your event, Sweet Tooth offers a "healthy" candy/snack buffet station that can include sunflower seeds, marshmallows, raisins, fruit roll ups, popcorn, etc.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to Sweet Tooth!

We are so very excited that you have chosen to view our blog spot. Sweet Tooth was created after doing several candy buffet stations at wedding receptions, so we decided to offer the fun and exciting concept to others. We specialize in weddings receptions, birthday parties, office parties, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. If you have an event and want a new concept for favors or "take-aways", contact us at sweettoothmemphis@gmail.com. Sweet Tooth can create a candy buffet station just for you. Photos to be uploaded shortly.